What people have said

Here are just some of the things people have said about their experience with Simply Books.

Richard Masters
Masters Associates Limited
Business advice

“I have been using your software in “cash accounting” mode for a number of years having been recommended it by my Business Bank (AN Business). I run a consultancy business and I find it perfect for my needs and simple to use. Your download on how to change the VAT rate was a godsend! I know my accountant certainly likes the excel spreadsheets at the year end as along with audit trail this makes his job easy.”

Jacky Pugh
Pilates Body Conditioning

“Many thanks, your simple and straight forward upgrade installation instructions were easy to follow. Great software, been using it for at least five years and it helps me a great deal in my business accounting. Thank you.”

Guy Penny
Barclay Penny Ltd

“After years, 39 years, of using many different accounting software packages I am now using Simply Books in my retirement. It is so easy to use and does my VAT at the touch of a button; I am delighted with it.”

Anne Tudgey

“I’d been doing my accounts on spreadsheets - not only messy but expensive when I took it all to the accountant at the end of the year! I hadn’t bought a software package before because I’d had a bad experience with one of the “leading brands” and I was frightened of getting stuck again. I took the leap and bought Simply Books because it looked easy to use and I had the peace of mind of the free trial to see if I could cope with it.

I’ve now been using Simply Books for some months and am really impressed with how easy it is to use, and more importantly, what good service I get when I call with a query. I’ve only needed to call a few times - mostly in the first few days while getting familiar with the system - but the help is been second-to-none - immediately getting through and receiving clear, full instructions and answers to all my questions. Thanks very much Simply Books!”

Sally Jones

“A really good buy – has exceeded my expectations and does everything I need it to – more or less runs itself these days!”

Mr G J Marfell

“I find Simply Books to be of great value and a joy to use, easy and uncomplicated. After trying to configure Sage my blood was boiling with frustration - I’m not an accountant for heaven’s sake. Simply Books software is easy and user friendly. Thanks lads.”

Dennis McCarthy

“I have just finished my third set of quarterly vat returns using Simply Books and have to say that Simply Books is simply fantastic. Having had to deal with Sage, QuickBooks and other accounting software packages I speak from bitter experience. Thanks for developing such an excellent user friendly package.”

Ron Swann

“Just a short note to say how delighted I am with your accounting software. I had searched long and hard for a simple system, and Simply Books provides everything I need.

“As a retired airline pilot, my knowledge of business accounting was less than zero, and I have struggled to make sense of our business accounts. Even when I started your programme, my initial thoughts were “here we go again - a nightmare”. How wrong I was!

“Your support system has been outstanding, and enabled me to overcome my lack of accounting knowledge. I have now completed 2 years of entries, and got everything I need from Simply Books. I feel very much at home with it now - I’ll even go as far as to say I am enjoying the accounting and books aspects of our business.

“Thank you again for an excellent programme, and your back-up support. They are both winners!”

Paul Donaldson

“Although I am only a quarter the way through Simply Books (my trial version) I already have a smile on my face - I am absolutely delighted with the speed and simplicity of Simply Books and no longer dread the thought of trying to keep things in order.”

Sandra Dawson
Charity administration

“I did the books for three charities using a manual system. I was nervous when I started using Simply Books because I don’t much like using computers and I’m not a trained book-keeper. Now I do five charities in less time than I did three before. I’m sold!”

Glenn Morgan

“Came back from my accountants today, he’s is doing my first set of books! Before taking them in I asked how he wanted my accounts presenting, he replied Excel will be fine, so I printed off my year endings from Simply Books into Excel – easy! He was really impressed with the information supplied, I asked him if I might consider upgrading to Sage at some point in the future, he replied ‘Certainly NOT! Stay with what you are doing, it’s perfect.’ Just thought you might like to know.”

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