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First of all, thanks to all our customers. Creating a good piece of software is one thing, without a sizeable group of users it is nothing.


A support contract currently costs £40 for a year. As well as providing support for the software, we provide help with book-keeping questions over and above the software itself. We will also provide support to your accountants, should they need it at year end, on the back of your contract.


Simply Books version 2 SR3 and prior versions do not work properly on Windows Vista, 7 or later versions of Windows and require an upgrade (SR5) which you can get here. Many people will continue to run pre-Vista versions of Windows for some years. The new version also runs on pre-Vista Windows.


When you phone, you often tell us how much you like the software. You can imagine how encouraging it is to be told this. Now with a new web site we have the technology for you to give us a boost that will help us to sell more copies and, hopefully, give to others something you find good for your business. Click here to send an email which will get rapidly processed and added to our ‘what people say’ page.


As you may know links or pointers to other people’s web sites improve search engine responses, so if you can add a link to Simply Books ( that will help us and you'll get £5 off next time you need support.


If you’ve been with us for a while you will be aware that unlike the "leading brands" we don’t produce updates for the sake of it. There is now a suggestions page on the site along with our response to each. Click here to send an email which will get added to this page.

With thanks for your support,

David Keeling • Simply Books

Simply Books - Accounting for very small businesses

“I find Simply Books to be of great value and a joy to use, easy and uncomplicated. After trying to configure Sage my blood was boiling with frustration - I’m not an accountant for heaven’s sake. Simply Books software is easy and user friendly. Thanks lads.”
• Mr G J Marfell