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Accountants or book-keepers out of all professionals are the most often looked to for advice on software selection.

This is what a recent customer had to say: “I’d been doing my accounts on spreadsheets - not only messy but expensive when I took it all to the accountant at the end of the year!  I hadn’t bought a software package before because I’d had a bad experience with one of the ‘leading brands’ and I was frightened of getting stuck again. I took the leap and bought Simply Books because it looked easy to use and I had the peace of mind of the free trial to see if I could cope with it. I’ve now been using Simply Books for some months and am really impressed with how easy it is to use, and more importantly, what good service I get when I call with a query.  I’ve only needed to call a few times - mostly in the first few days while getting familiar with the system - but the help is been second-to-none - immediately getting through and receiving clear, full instructions and answers to all my questions.”

Bureau Service

Many small businesses out-source their book-keeping requirements to accountants and book-keepers. Simply Books is a highly cost-efficient way of running a bureau service.

End of Year

Accountants or book-keepers may find themselves preparing year end accounts for clients who are using Simply Books.

Simply Books - Accounting for very small businesses

“I find Simply Books to be of great value and a joy to use, easy and uncomplicated. After trying to configure Sage my blood was boiling with frustration - I’m not an accountant for heaven’s sake. Simply Books software is easy and user friendly. Thanks lads.”
• Mr G J Marfell